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Speech Delivered At the Conferment of Fellow on Mrs Foloruso Alakija by Yaba College of Technology

The Executive Secretary National Board for Technical Education, Dr. Masudu Kazaure MNI

The Lagos State Governor’s representative

The representative of the First Lady of Lagos State

The representative of the Commissioner of Education, Lagos State

The Chairman of Governing Council, Yaba College of Technology, Chief Ebenezer Babatope OFR

Members, Governing Council Yaba College of Technology

Directors, Federal Ministry of Education

And the Rector Dr. Margret Ladipo and Principal Officers of the college

Fellows of the college, my Fellow Designate Engr. Dr Nuhu Yakubu

All other protocols observed, I thank God for this day,, and our visitor the Honourable Minister who is ably represented by Mrs. Idiatu Abdulahi, the Director of Tertiary Education in Nigeria, I salute you all , I thank you all, I bless you all in the name of our God and our father.

I am particularly pleased, I feel highly honored, the citation that was read about me moved me to tears, tears because I never thought in my wildest dream that I could ever be referred to as the virtuous woman, it is an honor that is bestowed on a select few in the world, I pray that word select will be removed from all womanhood and that every woman on this globe will eventually have cause to be referred to as the virtuous woman. I am particularly pleased to have been honored today and being the third woman in the history of the first Nigerian institute of higher learning, I felt particularly proud, I stand here this afternoon to thank the college, the council, the administrative staff, the academic staff and all those who counted myself and Engr. Dr. Nuru worthy to be recipient of this award, this award which is, not only considered to be, but which is actually the highest honor that can be bestowed on anybody in this college.

It is because of what God has decided to do by using you, so God bless you, I like to congratulate the graduands of today, the parents and the guardians, particularly the parents who brought this children into the world, for such a time as this, they have every reason to be proud of their children on this particular day, it is one of the stepping stones as they reach out and launch out into the world to discover the world to show the world what they have learnt and to become one of those that will affect their generation positively in this country and all over the world.

I thank everybody that has come here today, particularly the trustees of the Rose of Sharon Foundation, the widows themselves who have come out in large numbers and the orphans who the Lord has used the foundation to touch their lives to wipe away their tears, to make a difference in their lives, yes, society does forget them, people do tend to turn their backs on them, but you know what? God does not turn His back on them, because He is the husband of the widow and the father of the fatherless, that is why He called some of us to wipe away those tears, we are doing it for God, He sent us on a mission and that mission we must fulfil, because we must do it with the fear of God in our hearts and we call upon every meaning Nigerian, African, and human being the world over not to turn their backs on them but when they need a cup of water, offer them the cup of water, if they need a lending hand, don’t turn your backs, when they need encouragement, when they need a few words of love, please offer it, if you are in government and there is anything that you can do to alleviate their suffering, to make a difference in their lives and even in legislature where you can make a difference, by all means, do so and God will reward you abundantly by his grace in Jesus name.

I don’t want to overburden you, but I am extremely passionate about them, and passionate about all those who are in need in one way or the other, God will continue to endear us with their love in our heart, every human being that we can reach out to in whichever way that we can, I believe that God gives us all ability to do it in one way or the other, we must remember our fellow human beings at all times and God will help us in Jesus name (Amen).

It is not my style to mention my donations in public, I usually like to leave it between myself and God, I believe it is the best way, however, I do know, I have been told that there is a new center that has been developed and that is paying attention to entrepreneurship for youth development, I like to touch the lives of the youths whether they are female or male because they are the next generation, I also like to touch every school within the college by supporting them, I will not mention the amount I am going to use in supporting those schools, but touch them I will.

I give God the glory for choosing a female as Rector of this college, a female they call the Iron Lady, and you know there is always a reason when a female is referred to as the Iron Lady and we can see the gains if we look all around us, we can see it all over the college, we can see it among the students, we have been told there is no cultism in this college, that the students are very well behave and they excel in their academics and that they are levelled headed and the list have been endless, I don’t want to continue to repeat everything that has been said, I thank God for your life ma, I pray that the Good Lord will continue to anoint you positively for service and you will not fail, you will not falter by His grace in Jesus name. And the same goes for the entire council, the Governing council and the Academic council, God will continue to use all of you for this country, for our children, our children that are the next generation so that God almighty Himself will make a difference through them in this country and history will continue to be made for Nigeria and by Nigerians. Thanks for listening, God bless you.


  • The speaker is the third female in Nigeria to be bestowed Fellowship by a Nigerian institution
  • In as much as people and society turn their backs on widows, God never turns His back on them
  • God has sent the foundation on a mission to take care of widows and orphans.



  • The speech makes us realise that no matter what position we are in, better yet in government and there is anything one can do to alleviate the suffering of the underprivileged, make a difference in their lives, one should do so and the blessings of God will follow.

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