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I welcome you all to the 4th edition of our Youth Empowerment Program and its first segment this year.

The YEP program has been designed to equip graduates and undergraduates, job seekers, working class and self-employed youths in Nigeria with the knowledge and skills they need to support their families and become a useful part of the society.

The first and second editions were restricted to the beneficiaries of the Rose of Sharon Foundation alone, however, we decided to open the program in November last year, and going forward, to both our beneficiaries and the general public.

Our goal is to empower the Nigerian Youth to enable them to achieve their individual potentials and contribute to the economy while also reducing vices in our society.

As you know, it is said that the “idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. When an individual is busy, he/she will not have time for negative habits that can destroy their lives.

Our target is to have 2000 participants at this program and as at yesterday, about 2666 participants had registered online to attend and I believe others have also registered onsite today.

The theme for today’s program is “Reshaping the mindset of the Nigerian Youths – A step towards a better future”.

According to the United Nations definition of Youth, they are regarded as “persons between the age bracket of 15 and 24 years”. Wikipedia says, this age group is about 34% of our estimated population as at 2017.

Young people can offer the much-needed human capital to speed up economic growth and foster sustainability in any country. This is because it is at this age bracket where they are the most active and productive.

Other major characteristics of this age bracket is their sociability. People in this age group are subject to influences that shape their future. If they are channeled in the right direction, they grow to become successful adults.

However, if they fall into the wrong company, they may end up to become menaces to the society at large.

In Nigeria today, the youths have a wrong notion of the “get rich quick syndrome”.

They want to make it at all costs. This is evidenced in the high number of crimes and social vices perpetrated by this age bracket.

Nigeria is in a situation now that if we do not curb these negative mindsets in our youth of today, the country will not have a beautiful future.

For those of you who are thinking of leaving the country, trust me “the grass is not always greener on the other side”.

 If you don’t develop these virtues, you might not be able to cope with the pressure of living abroad.

Today, we have seasoned professionals who will be teaching and sharing with you, information on how to better your lot as an individual. They have volunteered their time, energy and skills to impact your lives by sharing their wealth of knowledge and experiences with you.

I trust that after today’s session you would have gotten the life skills to help you change your mindset to see the potentials that abound around you and opportunities you can tap into.

I encourage you to give this life changing program all the seriousness it requires. Make sure you take notes and make the best use of the information you are getting free of charge today.

On behalf of RoSF, I sincerely thank the Management of Yaba College of Technology who have continually supported us over the years.

I also commend all the staff of the Foundation for their hard work and commitment to the cause of this program.

Once again, I welcome you all to today’s session.

Get involved!

God bless you.

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