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RoSF Educational Program


The Bridge of Hope Educational Program (BoHEP) was created to ensure that orphans and students from less privileged backgrounds have continuous access to high quality primary, secondary and tertiary education. The RoSF BoHEP works to create an environment in which all young people, especially orphans have access to the education to realize their full potential. Our approach focuses on promoting and investing in issues that will lead to quality education in close partnership with schools, locally and internationally.


  • Bridge of Hope Scholarship Program (BoHSP):  At the RoSF we believe that education is a right not a privilege. Through this program, more than 850 students (widows’ children and orphans) have received free education, fully sponsored by the Rose of Sharon
  • Community Impact Education Program (CIEP): This program is designed to provide sustainable solutions to obstacles that prevent children from less privileged backgrounds from gaining quality education. The Rose of Sharon Foundation works closely with local communities and schools to increase access to quality primary and secondary education by improving the learning environment for school children.


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