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Women Empowerment Program


RoSF works in four program areas which encompass our fourteen initiatives through which our programs and projects are delivered to achieve mission. Together, these programs build on the Foundation’s mission and values to respond to the challenges faced by widows, orphans, and vulnerable women in the world. These programs and projects are carefully designed to fulfil the scripture in the book of Isaiah 1:17, “Learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow.”

RoSF Women Empowerment Program (WEP)

WEP is structured to provide business and live support services to widows who are the principal providers for their families. We work to create the conditions they need to lead lives with a reasonable degree of stability, support, and resources to take care of their basic needs (shelter, finance, health, and education), find satisfaction in life, raise and educate their children successfully. WEP is delivered through seven initiatives-


Microcredit Scheme (MICS): The need for a micro credit program which can deliver the world’s smallest loans, to the world’s poorest people has, in recent years, become increasingly recognised. The eligibility requirements for formal loans, such as collateral or guarantees, usually prevent poor widows and low income women from having access to institutional credit. The RoSF Microcredit Scheme provides interest free loans to widows with a flexible repayment plan that spans over a period of 18 months. This program has been found to be very effective as it boosts their economic activities and increases incomes, thus benefiting their immediate families. To encourage timely loan repayment through peer pressure and the building of a good savings culture, the widows are grouped into Self-Help-Groups (SHGs).

Skills Acquisition & Vocational Scheme (SAVS): Widows need special assistance as a widow has another role added to her burdens – that of breadwinner. Widows need longer term development support and income generating activities. One key component of support needed to achieve improvement in the lives of widows and their families is skills acquisition. SAVS is designed to provide sustainable income generation skills and vocations to widows and vulnerable women who are breadwinners.

Small and Medium Enterprise (SAME): This program is developed within the context of RoSF’s mission, as a component of an integrated project to enhance self-initiatives and encourage women, especially widows to establish small and medium enterprises as an effective income generating activity. SAME works to assist up-and-coming widow’s entrepreneurs by giving them the trainings and follow ups they need to excel in their chosen trade or profession. The Foundation is partnering with other developmental partners, civil society and the private sector to deliver this program.

RoSF Live Support Scheme (RLSS): A little help at a crucial moment can change the entire future of widows and their families. Sometimes it is the small changes that make the biggest difference in the lives of the widows whom we are helping through counselling, monthly allowances for non-active widows and the orphans.

Agric-Business Scheme (ABS): This program is designed to produce rural widows and vulnerable women who are working in the Agricultural sector with access to finance, knowledge, and training they require to have a more sustainable livelihood through farming and this guarantees food security for their children.

Legal Support Services (LSS): In our attempts to help widows and their children gain access and control over their late husband’s assets and properties, pursue their claims over their late husband’s gratuity and work benefits, RoSF provides free legal consultations to hundreds of widows who run to us for help.

RoSF Shelter Program (RSP): RoSF Shelter Program is designed to provide shelter for the orphans, the widows and their children. One of the immediate challenges some of the widows are faced with is having their late husband’s families force them and their children out of their houses with nowhere to go to. RoSF has helped more than 300 widows and their children secure descent accommodations till date.


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